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Optical Liquid Technical Form

What is your Application?
What is your desired Refractive Index and/or range of Indices?
at what Wavelength?
at what Temperature?
What is your desired viscosity (cSt)?
Reference Table for Common Materials
MaterialTypical Viscosity at 25°C
Salad Oil50
Maple Syrup165
Motor Oil225
Corn Syrup1760
Approximately what quantity of liquids do you need (ie. 4 fl.oz., 1 gal, 5 gallons)?
Approximately what size bottles do you need (ie. 4 fl.oz. 16 fl.oz. etc..)
Consider compatibility: what materials will the liquids contact?
What will be the pathlength of the light through the liquid?
What is the desired density?
IMPORTANT: Please tell us what the most important properties for you are and list any other desired properties (possible properties to consider, percent transmittance, color, color stability, pour point, boiling point, surface tension, etc.):

Personal Information

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