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Cargille Sub-Lux Gels

Cargille Sub-Lux Gels are profoundly black gels with refractive indices close to many common glasses. The purpose of each gel is to minimize ghost images caused by secondary reflections off of a lens surface. When the gel is near the refractive index of a glass element, light going through the glass goes into the gel and is trapped by absorption in sub-micron particles of black pigment.

The gels are very stable and will not harden, dry out, or evaporate. They are available in 4 ounce bottles in three refractive indices: nD = 1.46, 1.52, and 1.54 at 25 °C:

Gel Code Cat. No 1 fl. oz
30 mL
4 fl. oz.
120 mL
Sub_Lux 1.46 Code 0608C 24310 $95.50 $221.50
Sub-Lux 1.52 Code 081160C 24320 $95.50 $221.50
Sub-Lux 1.54 Code 081160C 24330 $95.50 $221.50

All prices are subject to change without notice. Please contact us to confirm prices.
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