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Optical Gel  nD 1.46

Cargille Optical Gels Codes 0607 and 0608 have two primary uses. First, as an optical coupling for optical fibers and optical components. They reduce or eliminate internal reflectance thus increasing transmittance of light; they do this by having a refractive index and dispersion that is similar to many glasses and optical plastics, and closely matches the refractive index and dispersion of fused silica.

A second primary use is as a mode stripping gel. When one of the gels is coated on a silica fiber that has cladding, it will remove the signal from the cladding. This is useful when evaluating fiber systems ;using only short fiber lengths, in that the signal that is carried for a short distance in the cladding can be eliminated from the system and detectors will record only the signal propagated by the fiber core. This is quicker and easier than mechanically stripping away the cladding and is non-destructive.

These gels have several very desirable properties. They are transparent to radiation in the near UV, the visible, and the near infrared. We know of no other liquids, gels, or greases with significantly better transmittance. Each has wide temperature stability. Freezing points are below -67°C and boiling point exceeds 400°C. This means a more stable refractive index than some other liquid, gel or grease couplants.

Whats the difference?

Optical Gel Codes 0607 and 0608 are optically and chemically nearly identical, and both are used for coupling optical fibers and other optical components, and for mode stripping. Optical Gel Code 0607 is a thinner gel than 0608 and, upon standing, the surface of 0607 will normally appear to be fluid. Code 0608 appears to be much less fluid.

Optical Gel Code 0607, although not water soluble, is made to "disperse" when immersed in water to facilitate cleaning.

Optical Gel Code 0608 was specially made not to "disperse" in water, for applications where water immersion without dispersing or changing is required.

Download typical characteristic sheets:

Optical Gel nD 1.46 Price Schedule

Optical Gel Cat. # 1 fl.oz. USD
Code 0607 24230 $79.00
Code 0608 24231 $79.00

Optical Gel  nD 1.52

Optical Gel Code 081160 has the refractive index of BK-7 glass and is close to the refractive index of other frequently used glasses. As an optical couplant, it is used to reduce or eliminate reflection losses. It is not recommended for use with Acrylic as it is slightly incompatible at elevated temperatures. It is normally opalescent / translucent but is clear in thin layers as it is normally used. It is useable over a wide range of temperatures; freezing point is less than 45 °C, boiling point is greater than 370 °C.

Download typical characteristic sheets:

Optical Gel nD 1.52 Price Schedule

Optical Gel Cat # 1 fl.oz. USD
Code 081160 24317 $110.00

All prices are subject to change without notice. Please contact us to confirm prices.
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