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Sterilizable glass Microbeakers from Cargille come in a wide range of standard sizes and capacities. Use for processing micro-samples, and for visual or microscopic examination. Sterilizable glass Microbeakers are economical and durable, no more wasting contaminated sample holders.

  • Versatile - For microchemical analysis and tests, micro-sample weighing, sample collection and storage, and many other applications not requiring thermal shock resistance.
  • Inexpensive - Microbeakers are sterilizable, yet priced like disposables.
  • Widest Range - Select different sizes and capacities, all with ground edges (0.5ml to 7.5ml capacities, 7mm to 25mm heights, 12mm, 21mm, 25mm diameters).

Typical Applications

  • Sample Weighing - avoid sample loss; weigh sample directly in Microbeaker and introduce both into chemical procedure; recover beaker later.
  • Optical Examination - directly examine samples in shallow Microbeakers with stereo and low-powered microscopes or visually.
  • Liquid evaporations - measure rates of evaporation with precision matched inside diameter Microbeakers for controlled surface area exposures.
  • Dust Covers - avoid contamination through open-end glassware and tubing or use as micro bell jars.
  • Other Uses - bacterial growth; tissue staining; histological studies; sample embedding; color comparisons of paints, pigments and dyes; iodine number deteriorations.
  • Cargille sterilizable glass Microbeakers have countless other applications in research, industrial, medical and students' laboratories that require inexpensive glass Microbeakers.

Microbeaker Custom Options

Cargille will manufacture non-standard height and precision-matched inside dimension Microbeakers for specialized requirements.

  • Precision-Matched Diameters - close tolerance, matched inside diameters to within ±0.05mm. Available only in 12mm O.D. Select 7mm or 13mm height.
  • Special Height Microbeakers - For specialized or unusual applications, custom Microbeaker heights are available in the standard diameter sizes. Specify height when ordering.

Microbeaker Holders

  • Microbeaker Holders - Brushed aluminum racks hold six microbeakers in unique, stepped "see-through" holes for illuminated and microscopic observation of samples. We have now annodized these holders.

    Overall dimensions:
         12mm OD (6-1/8" x 1" x 1/4")
         21mm OD (9" x 1-1/2" x 1/4")
         25mm OD (9" x 1-1/2" x 1/4")

Microbeaker Price Schedule

Catalog No. Capacity (ml) Dimensions (mm) Price (lots of 50) Price Per 100-Lots of
OD H 100 500
26070 0.5 12 7 $110.50 $180.00 $154.50
26130 1.0 12 13 $110.50 $180.00 $154.50
26330 2.5 21 13 $140.00 $227.25 $200.25
26590 5.0 25 19 $180.00 $291.50 $256.75
26650 7.5 25 25 $180.00 $291.50 $256.75

Custom Microbeakers

Options Catalog Price per 100-Lots of
100 500
Precision Matched Diameters* 26700 $237.75 $213.75
Special Heights** 26800 $29.25 per order additional

*Minimum quantity 300 per order. State 7mm or 13mm height. (12mm OD only).
**Minimum quantity 300 per order. State height required. (Standard OD only).

Microbeaker Holder

Catalog No. Each Lot of 6 Lot of 12
26000 (12mm OD) $33.00/ea. $23.50/ea. $22.00/ea.
26010 (21mm & 25mm OD) $48.00/ea. $34.25/ea. $31.25/ea.

All prices are subject to change without notice. Please contact us to confirm prices.
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