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Product Questions:

Is there a way to order directly off of the site?

As of right now the site only gives information about our products. The only way to place an order is via e-mail, telephone, fax, or postal mail. You may use our [ Order Form ] if you like ( requires Adobe Acrobat; This can be downloaded from ).

Are all of your products listed on the site?

Most of our products are currently on the site, however we do make a large number of custom liquids and other products. For these, e-mail our technical department with your queries.

Are all of your liquids NIST traceable?

Yes, all of our liquids are NIST traceable, however if you need a Letter of Certification stating this information you must order it along with your liquid. Letters of Certification are Catalog # 88101 and cost $20.00 USD. The letter will describe the specifications of the liquid, its shelf life, and certify NIST traceability.

Is there a shelf life for any Cargille Products?

Yes. The following table provides the shelf life of the most commonly asked about products. For any other products please contact our technical staff.
Product NameShelf Life
Shelf Life
Immersion Oils Types: A, B, NVH, OVH, HF, FF, 37, 30010 Years1/2 the remaining time
Immersion Oils Type LDF, 37LDF5 Years1/2 the remaining time
Refractive Index Liquids Series AAA, AA, A, B, H, EH5 Years1/2 the remaining time
R.I. Series M18 Months1/2 the remaining time
R.I. Liquids Series E: Indicies 1.500-1.5702 1/2 Years1/2 the remaining time
Series E: Indicies 1.575-1.6405 Years1/2 the remaining time
Tablets: Boric Acid, Cult-Ur, Stabilur, Sulfosalicylic Acid, PEG5 YearsContact Tech Staff
Meltmounts Code: 53, 5870, 25761+20 Years1/2 the remaining time
Immersion Liquids and Laser Liquids5 Years1/2 the remaining time
Master Calibration Liquids10 Years1/2 the remaining time
Optical Gels Codes: 0607, 060810 Years1/2 the remaining time
I.L. Codes: OHGL, OHZB1 Year1/2 the remaining time

I can't find any information on dispersion or temperature for your refractive index liquids.

Due to the number of liquids we carry, we do not have all of the information for every liquid on the site. If you are interested in viscosity, density, temperature, or any other characteristic of our liquids, please contact our technical department.

I'm trying to match the refractive index of a specific glass. What should I use?

Any of our Standard Series Liquids can be used to match the refractive index of nearly all glasses and plastics. For larger quantities, or a more exact refractive index match to your material, you should use one of our custom blended Immersion or Laser Liquids. We regularly manufacture liquids to match the refractive index of BK7, SF10, BaK, Fused Silica, PMMA, Polycarbonate, Polystyrene, and other glasses and plastics. Because many of our liquids are custom blended, we can ( most likely ) match the refractive index of your material at any wavelength and temperature. Please contact our technical department to help determine which liquid is the best for your application.

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I'm having problems trying to save / print the (M)SDS file...

All of the (M)SDS files on the site are in PDF format. You will need to have a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. This can be downloaded from Once installed you should be able to view the (M)SDS. If you can't download the files once opened you can save a copy to your computer. Either click the save a copy button or press ctrl+shift+s.

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