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The first sterilizable graduated beakers. STACCUPS®, made from heavy-gauge polypropylene, are reusable, but are also economically priced to justify one-time use.

Multi-purpose STACCUPS® are available in two sizes.

• 5 fl. oz. size. Graduated to 4 fl. oz. (½ fl. oz. int.) and 120cc (10cc int.).
• 19 fl. oz. size. Graduated to 17 fl. oz. (½ fl. oz. int.) and 500cc (25cc int.).

STACCUPS® are stack-packed with a protective shrink-wrap which doubles as a self-dispenser and allows for cleanliness and convenient storing.

STACCUPS® unique features make them essential in thousands of applications.

Sterilizable - Resistant to temperatures of up to 121°C (250°F), yet can be subjected to very low temperatures for sample deep-freeze and storage.
Chemically Unreactive - Resistant to most solvents, as well as acids, alkalines, salts, organics and biologicals. Seamless one-piece construction makes STACCUPS® leak-proof!
360° Pouring Spout - A gentle squeeze creates a controllable pouring spout anywhere on the STACCUPS'® circumference - adaptable for any rate of decanting.
Stable - Unique, underside rim provides maximum stability, plus, special rib prevents STACCUPS® from sticking when nested - helps save storage space, too.

By Demand. Customers demanded the return of the paper beaker. Paper does things plastic won't. So, Cargille redesigned the paper now called DISCUPS®

DISCUPS® are for those who require the capabilities of paper products, and for those who prefer a choice.

  • Graduated. English and Metric units. Graduated 4 fl. oz. (½ fl. oz. intervals) and 120cc (10cc intervals).
  • Constructed of unwaxed, plain finished paper.
  • Disposably Priced. For one-time use.

For convenience, cleanliness, organization, and accessibility, install these Wall-Mounted Dispensers in all key locations. Two sizes available:
Catalog No. 06405 - durable dispenser for 120cc (4 fl. oz.) STACCUPS® and 120cc (4 fl. oz.) DISCUPS®; 46cm (18") high. Catalog No. 06416 - durable dispenser for 500cc (17 fl. oz.) STACCUPS® only; 61cm (24") high.

  • Window to indicate low supply.
  • Top-loading with convenient bottom-dispensing.
  • Hardware and installation instructions for wall-mounting

For Cargille Graduated Beakers, STACCUPS® and DISCUPS®
Available in one size only:
Large - White Polyethylene

Price Schedule


Cat # Desc Size 100 500 1 M 2.4 M
06803 Discups 120 cc N/A N/A N/A N/A


Cat # Desc Size 50 100 500 1 M
06604 Staccups 120 cc $41.50 / 50 $63.25 / C $53.50 / C $46.00 / C
06619 Staccups 500 cc $59.00 / 50 $100.50 / C $73.75 / C $61.75 / C


Cat # Desc Size   each
06405 Dispenser 120 cc Chrome Plated $73.50
06416 Dispenser 500 cc Stainless Steel $77.50


Cat # Desc Size 50 100 600 1.2 M
06518 Stacclids 500 cc $46.50 / 50 $54.00 / C $50.25 / C $49.25 / C

All prices are subject to change without notice. Please contact us to confirm prices.
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