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High Accuracy Brix Liquids

For Refractometers with Temperature Controls

We have three Master Calibration Liquids that can be used to calibrate refractometers using Brix ( % sucrose @ 20°C ) These liquids are calibrated to ± 0.00005 and will increase the accuracy of the Brix tolerance since there is a direct correlation between refractive index and Brix degrees. These liquids are available from stock. If you need Liquids with Brix values other than the three Master Calibration Liquids shown below, then see Custom Brix Liquids.

Cargille Master Calibration Liquids are very stable, non-toxic liquids with refractive index measured to an accuracy of ±0.00005 at various temperatures and wavelengths. The unusually high accuracy of these refractive index measurements will often require that the user knows his or her working temperature with an accuracy of ±0.02°C or better; this is because liquids typically have a temperature coefficient of -0.0004 refractive index units per 1 oC so they will be affected by approximately 0.000008 refractive index units for each 0.02°C difference in temperature.

When the Master Calibration Liquid has refractive index measurements at two temperatures, 20°C or less apart, the user can compute a temperature coefficient and calculate ( interpolate) refractive index at any in between temperature with an accuracy of at least ±0.00006 ( the relationship of refractive index to temperature is linear ). Typical temperature coefficients ( accurate to ±10% ) are available from Cargille Laboratories and can in practice be used to correct for up to a known temperature change of 20°C from temperature of calibration. All measurements are NIST ( NBS ) traceable. All measurements available are listed here. NOTE: nm = nanometer units n = refractive index

Note: The following Catalog Number is not currently available: 19256-BXS. The replacement is our new catalog number 19257-BXS.

Cat. No. Code Nominal nD Actual Reading Lot No.

19253-BXS S50 1.404 1.40427 at 20°C at 589.3 nm;
42.2475% BRIX ±0.025 at 20°C

19257-BXS 06 1.459 1.45932 at 20°C at 589.3 nm;
67.4608% BRIX ±0.021 at 20°C

19259-BXS 1160 1.490 1.48989 at 20°C at 589.3 nm;
79.6862% BRIX ±0.019 at 20°C

Custom Blended Brix Liquids

You may order from the "custom made liquids group", a liquid to match Brix from 1 to 85 Brix ( % Sucrose @ 20°C ) You provide the Brix value needed and our technical department will provide the corresponding refractive index for that Brix value.

Please note that many refractometers have a temperature compensation mode that works for water based materials, but is not suitable for oils including our Standards. The compensation mode can be used if standardizing at 20°C temperature only. We recommend ordering from the group shown below:

20106-RCF 1 - 40 Brix
4 x 1 fl. oz.
20112-RCF 41 - 68 Brix
4 x 1 fl. oz.
20127-RCF 69 - 85 Brix
4 x 1 fl. oz.

All custom brix liquids are blended to a refractive index tolerance of ±0.0002 and read to a refractive index tolerance of ±0.0001 at 20°C. Brix tolerances vary nominally from ±0.070 to ±0.038 depending on the Brix number chosen; ±0.070 at 0.0 Degrees Brix, tightening to ±0.038 at 85.0 Degrees Brix. Please contact our Technical Department if you have any questions. All custom made brix liquids are provided with Letters of Certification and are bottled as 4 x 1 fl.oz.

All prices are subject to change without notice. Please contact us to confirm prices.
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