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Cargille Boric Acid Tablets

Tablets of Boric Acid are available from stock in convenient sizes and weights. Used in the medical field as a preservative and bactericide. Boric Acid Tablets also serve as a grinding aid in Spectroscopy.

The many applications of boric acid open up the possibilities for cost reduction in numerous other fields where the advantages of tablets have not been explored.

The costs of tabletting have been saved many times over by eliminating weighing and dispensing costs, eliminating dust, simplifying solution preparation, and permitting automatic feeding and metering.

Potential applications include:

Weatherproofing wood Nickel baths Carpets
Wick impregnating Glass Printing
Preservation Dyeing Leather
Electrical condensers Porcelain Photography
Fireproofing fabrics Painting Hardening steel
Manufacture of cement crockery Borates Enamels

Current in-stock tablet sizes are listed below. Quotations on larger quantities and other weights and sizes are provided upon request.

Price Schedule

Bottles of 1000; Price Per Bottle

Catalog No. Weight 1M 5M 10M 25M
41120 0.4 gm $77.25 $68.50 $60.25 $51.50
41121 0.5 gm $84.50 $73.75 $64.25 $55.00
41123 1.0 gm $92.00 $82.00 $71.00 $60.25
41125 2.0 gm $118.75 $106.50 $92.00 $78.50
41127 2.5 gm $132.50 $117.50 $101.25 $87.75

All prices are subject to change without notice. Please contact us to confirm prices.
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